Long Avenue & Union Pacific Railroad, Fort Worth (2006)

We spotted this building several years ago, and thought it was pretty neat, even toying with the idea of converting to our residence. It sits a couple of hundred feet north of Long Avenue in Fort Worth, a little east of I-35, west of the Union Pacific railroad, at the site of a long incomplete railroad overpass. The site is not strictly abandoned, as cattle are kept on the property, but the building is vacant.

Tarrant County Appraisal District (TAD) lists the property as follows:

While we were taking these photographs, two women stopped in a Suzuki Samuri. They ask who we were and what we were doing, so we told them that we admired the building and were photographing it. We asked why they were interested, and they explained that they owned the property, and the cattle, and were concerned when they saw anyone hanging around. Apparently we appear "mostly harmless" as they accepted our explantation (the camera probably helped) and drove off. Moments later we were kicking ourselves for not asking if we could venture inside the fence and get some closeups and interior shots of the building.

The photographs were shot with a Canon S2-IS.

Looking Northwest

Windows within Windows

Through the Fence

Looking At Downtown

A photo, from 1994, showing what is likely the smokestack to the right of the above shot.