Sooterkin exists. Sooterkin exists to please itself. Sooterkin exists to please others. Sooterkin exists to please you, as you please. However, Sooterkin chooses to please nobody.

Sooterkin's existence began recently. Sooterkin's existence may continue indefinitely. Or Sooterkin's existence my cease. As it pleases.

Sooterkin has little to lose, and, as such, loses little. Sooterkin has much to gain. Despite this, it gains little. Sooterkin maintains.

We are Sooterkin.


The 20th century saw an incredible transformation in the way mankind lives. Man has changed from a distributed population of general-purpose subsistence farmers to a highly mobile & centralized population of specialists. Many of these changes started during the industrial revolution, but the years since 1900 have accelerated this transformation to an incredible degree. The last 100 years have seen many of man's dreams come to fruition. Some examples:

  • Transportation - from the "Iron Men & Wooden Ships" and steam locomotives of the 1800s to the superhighways, transport aircraft, & container ships of today.
  • Communication - from the infancy of wired telegraphy & telephony at the turn of the century to today's vast wired and wireless networks for voice, data, and imagery.
  • Information - from decentralized libraries with manually maintained indices & cross-references to today's instantly searchable databases, public & private.
  • The abundance of energy is what has enabled many of the innovations listed above. Abundant energy, and the technology to exploit it, are what fired the industrial revolution. It is what enables most of the people in the first world to spend most of their time worrying about something other than where their next meal is coming from. And what allows most of us time to do something other than exist.

    Prior to the industrial revolution, art other than folk art was the exclusive domain of professional artists sponsored by wealthy patrons. The same forces that allow people to be something other than subsistence farmers allow many of us to pursue artistic interests at will. Today's information age also allows direct access to the artist and his art by people all over the world. However, this is a double-edged sword for both artist and patron:

  • The artist must now deal with production and distribution, in addition to more lofty artistic pursuits.
  • The patron is now assaulted by many potential artists, without intervening agents to filter content, for good or bad.
  • What is Sooterkin?

    Sooterkin is our art. Being highly specialized cogs in a highly specialized society, we need not spend a large proportion of our time worrying about subsistence. This leaves substantial leisure time. And Sooterkin is how we spend some of that time.

    This website is an attempt to provide you, the patron, with access to our art. As our perception of the artistic merit of our work is our own, and not subject to the whimsy or editorializing of others, beware.

    Oh Fortuna!

    Genuine Chinese Restaurant Fortune Cookie Fortunes

    Silence is Foo!

    The modern day "foo" has many possible origins in 20th century slang, but we were startled to see Daffy Duck hold up a sign that said "Silence is Foo!" in a cartoon from 1938.

    Spam is Good Foo

    The oddest stuff shows up in spam. Or maybe not so odd, the other day. These turned up on Chrismas Eve, in an "Herbal Viagra" email ad from Ana Kent, whoever she is.

    Here's a good one from early 2006. It claims to be from "Edna D. Mississippi", though the email address ends in .ru:

    Yet so far his progress was in the right direction, and he resolved to experiment no further with the instrument, but to let it go as it would, so long as it supported him above the water. However irregular the motion might be, it was sure, if continued, to bring him to land in time, and that was all he cared about just then

    When night fell his slumber was broken and uneasy, for he wakened more than once with a start of fear that the machine had broken and he was falling into the sea

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